Software Testing Workshop

Testing is sometimes an underrated task and I've seen my share of people who do it ad-hoc, even though they do it for long periods of time.
In this one day workshop, I go through a series of exercises meant to present multiple testing techniques that have helped me over time. I also dedicate a good share of effort to discuss what testing is and what I understand as a healthy approach towards it while working in an Agile context.

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Unit Testing Workshop

This is an introductory Workshop to the world of unit testing. During a whole day I explain what a unit test is, the main characteristics, mocking and we'll end up doing a refactoring kata thanks to unit tests - because without tests it's not a refactoring ;).

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Design Patterns Workshop

A 2 day introductory workshop to the classical GoF Design Patterns from a C# point of view. I present multiple situations where we discuss possible solutions and I present a Design Pattern that's suitable for every one.

I really like the workshop and discussion format of this training, as world is not black and white and same happens with the application of Design Patterns. Because of that, we put special emphasis in the fact that patterns can (and should) emerge.

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O'Reilly "Hands-on testing techniques"

An intense 3 hour tour de force over the most useful testing techniques I've used. Contents are inspired on the workshop, but packed and more concentrated.

The next occurrence of the training is scheduled for Jan 2021 and is for free if you have a Safari subscription, seats are not available yet.