Design Patterns Workshop


This is a two day training where I introduce most of the classical Gang of Four Design patterns by discussing simplifications of real-live problems.

For each problem, we discuss how could we solve it and by raising the awareness of the different constraints the different options have, we end up with a pattern that (what a surprise) is a very good fit to tackle that it. After coding the solution using the pattern, there's a small recap of the strengths and weakness of the pattern and also a follow up with other scenarios where that pattern could be a good fit (most of them based on my personal experience)

This workshop is specially suited for any developer who's not familiar with GoF design patterns or who's only aware of a small set of patterns. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that the goal of the course is not to lead to a mindset where individuals approach problems with the mentality of "which pattern I'm gonna use here?". Instead, the objective of the training is to:

  • Put the focus on forces and constraints that usually lead us to emerging patterns
  • The value of using a common language to discuss code
  • Improving our familiarity with design patterns
On a more concrete level, for each pattern we'll follow this structure:
  • Context
  • Implementation variants
  • Consequences of using the pattern
  • Related patterns
  • Typical usages/real examples


  • Introduction
  • Strategy
  • Factory Method
  • Abstract Factory
  • Composite
  • Adapter
  • Decorator
  • Chain of Responsibilities
  • Builder
  • State
  • Specification*
  • Others
  • Conclusions
* This one is not GoF.


Price: 350 €/person
Duration: 2 Days