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Ideas, opinions, thoughts and other rants about Software development

About Me

I'm Xavi Ametller. I've been developing Software since 2003 and during those years I've done my fair share of mistakes, I even learnt something from some of them. Somehow during this trip it came to me the opportunity to teach and I did like it, a lot.

Other persons and companies also seem to appreciate my collaboration as consultant (still wonder why, but who am I to discuss with them - the only thing I can say is 'It depends')

What can I offer you?

What can I offer you?

My knowledge, experience and comon sense. Let me explain a little bit more.


Reading books is my main source of information. I also use Twitter, read blogs and other kind of sources, but my love for order and structure seems to lean towards learning from formal books. That pic here is the biggest part of my library, of course I have not read all those books from beggining to end, but a good chunk of them I do. Also, I have an O'Reilly subscription which I use very much. If you are a "book person" I recommend you to take a look.


I've done a little bit of everything and not much of anything: development of win applications, webs (B2C, SPA), testing (webs, mobile app, win aplications), leading teams and nowadays even I'm trying with innovation.

Common sense

Fine, that looks like a weak offer, everyone has common sense (it's common, isn't it?). I'm just pointing it out because when I ask about my strong points this one seems to come up very often.

Why a personal website?

Because I want to (that should be reason enough 😋). Also, because the people from Stackbit, Netlify and Gatsby made it really easy for me to create one (thanks!) and because I sell services (trainings, consultancy) and well... it kinda helps.

Although I don't consider me a super expert in the things I teach, I try to be good at teaching them. I only dare to teach stuff I had some practical real live experience with (there are some rare exceptions, usually with disclaimers and because I'd like to share if I think there's something that could be better or insightful)

On top of all those reasons, there are some things I'd like to experiment with, like writing some of my personal stories, ideas, learnings or just sketches so I can look them up after a while (and even help somebody else who finds those useful).