My experience

If you are interested in the hard-facts, feel free to check my LinkedIn profile. Else you can continue reading here more about my personal take on what have I done so far.

Just and Choice

Right after finishing University I started working on a couple of billing application made from scratch using Winforms and .Net (yup, I started with version 1.1). Basically I learnt enough to see I had no clue on how to develop Software and realized there were a lot of excellent books that could help me improve on that


Having the opportunity to work at Microsoft and as a tester was probably quite a milestone in my professional career. I was very excited to join MS, but not too much for being a tester. I couldn't have been more wrong, over there I got the sensibility and praise for testing, I made a big step from coder to developer.


Around 2010 I got my first contact with the web world and Agile, I also discovered Continuous Delivery. I also did a consultancy session with ThoughtWorks which was mind-blowing and live-changing. Those were pretty exciting years full of learnings.


So far C# was my only programming language, and I decided to try something else. For a very short period I tried ClojureScript, I always had a thing for functional languages and really wanted to try them professionally. The excuse was a SPA to manage and monitor renewable energy power plants.

Lifull Connect

Since October 2019 I'm working at Lifull Connect. I'm loving the experience of working in a data driven company with a culture I'm really aligned with. The main con is a huge pile of technical debt but... well, working on that. BTW, have I mentioned we're looking for people?