Unit Testing Workshop


In this whole day training I slowly introduce the what is a unit test, how does a unit testing work and which are the key characteristics that conform a good unit test. Every concept of the training is introduced with its corresponding exercise so participants can practice and discuss it while building up on the philosophy and motivation behind writing unit tests.

During the morning we go from naif unit tests examples useful to understand the key concepts to more involved scenarious which require us to introduce more advanced concepts in order to have maintainable unit tests. At the end of the day, we finish with a kata that resembles more the real world experience, starting with an already existing code not covered by unit tests and ending with that code covered by unit tests and hence, way more easy to refactor and improve.


  • Introduction
  • Definition of unit testing
  • Characteristics of a unit test
  • Steps of a unit test
  • Managing dependencies
  • Inversion of control
  • Communicating intention
  • Test doubles
  • Test smells
  • Unit testing schools
  • Conclusions
  • Kata


Price: 175 €/person
Duration: 1 Day